ALP Gen AI in Education Podcast

This is a podcast for district leaders and education decision makers about Generative AI in education. This podcast will curate Generative AI related news and developments, while prioritizing a systems approach and practitioner lens.

Episode 1

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Episode 2

Exploring some of the possible cautions and risks of Generative AI in Education, as well as some of the emerging policy and guidelines for schools to consider.


Episode 3

Navigating the AI Roadmap: An Insight into Denver Public Schools with Dr. Richard Charles, Chief Information Officer for Denver Public Schools.


DLAC Contributed Talk

DLAC (Digital Learning Annual Conference) Contributed Talk by ALP’s Dr. Terrica Young and Julie Foss on Embracing the Future: An Introduction to Generative AI in School Systems.

Episode 4

In this engaging conversation, Julie Evans, the CEO of Project Tomorrow, joins hosts Julie and Adam to discuss the transformative potential of generative AI in education, the importance of stakeholder feedback, and the work of Project Tomorrow.