ALP GenAI Cohort

An AI generated image about AI processes.

This fall, Advanced Learning Partnerships has engaged a cohort of 18-20 school districts from across North America around the systemic integration of Generative AI and Large Language Models at scale. Together, our team of SMEs and ALP consultants are working alongside district leaders in service of two outcomes:

  • Building Awareness and Competency on the Possibilities and Risks of Generative AI
  • Planning for a Year of Learning and Beyond

Below you will find recordings from our collaborations. Resources shared during these sessions or created during our collaboration with learning communities can be found in the GenAI Resources page.

Cohort Session 1:

Gretchen Shipley and her firm F3 Law helped develop the National Student Data Privacy Agreement and have been supporting school districts with policy as they transition to Generative AI.  Session 1 Recording

Cohort Session 2:

District Leaders from Plymouth Canton Community Schools, Henrico County Public Schools, and Fairfax County Public Schools shared their plans for the integration of GenAI into their work with stakeholders, policy, and infrastructure. Session 2 Recording

Cohort Session 3:

Common Sense Media provides a brief overview of their AI Rating System to support district evaluation of AI tools.  Session 3 Recording

Cohort Session 4:

In this session, we focus on developing rapid prototypes for resources aimed at empowering teams to effectively operationalize their GenAI plans in 2024. Session 4 Recording

Cohort Session 5:

After crowdsourcing resources for operationalizing our Year of Learning Plans, we discuss some of the shifts our organizations will need to make along the way. Session 5 Recording