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Robert Dillon

Education Consultant

About Robert

Learning happens everywhere, but it thrives when educators and communities design all aspects of learning with continuous attention to excellence.

Dr. Dillon serves schools and districts with a deep sense of mission. His work is multi-dimensional and systems focused. This allows him to make an impact with school leaders, teachers, instructional staff, school boards and other educational partners.

As a first generation college student, Dr. Dillon has an equity lens that guides his work. He sees a need for high quality learning and learning spaces as essential for all learners. He shares his ideas and thoughts through his writing, videos and resources sharing on a variety of platforms.

Dr. Dillon finds joy in running even when he isn’t being chased. It provides him balance and a reduction in the stress and anxiety that comes from his drive to transform classrooms into places of wonder and curiosity.

There are paths to be taken for the success of all students, and Dr. Dillon continues to follow the words of Frost and take the ones less traveled.


25+ Years


  • EdD Educational Leadership
  • The Center for Green Schools- Green Classroom Professional Certification
  • Stanford University- dSchool Design Thinking Certification
  • Buck Institute for Education- Project Based Learning Certification

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Organizational Design
  • Learning Space Design
  • Syncing Technology and Instructional Practices
  • Growing Team/School Culture
  • Innovative Practices Cultivation

Recognition and Publications

  • The Space: A Guide for Leaders
  • The Space: A Guide for Educator
  • Powerful Parent Partnerships