Craig Bennett

Senior Educational Consultant, Service Innovation

About Craig

Craig inspires educational innovation, fosters growth mindsets and advocates for student centered learning.

Craig is a passionate advocate for education, driven by his belief in its transformative power. His dedication lies in crafting meaningful educational experiences that empower a diverse range of learners. When not consulting, he seeks solace through mountain hikes. Drawing inspiration from Rick Rubin’s words, “Break Habits, Look for Differences. Notice Connections,” Craig excels in designing immersive professional learning journeys that stimulate curiosity, foster creativity, and promote collaboration. He encourages adaptability and nurtures growth mindsets to thrive in a changing world. Craig values student-centric conversations, champions inclusivity, and embraces emerging educational technologies. His unwavering commitment, coupled with his passion for critical thinking, positions him as an inspiring educator driving positive change in education.

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“I Belong Here”

“Mechatronics encompassed all of my core strengths, goals, and passions into one field of opportunity that will not only benefit myself but the world around me.” ~Lily, SVCC Graduate Read more
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What Do You Do With an Idea?

Commit to paying more attention to your ideas no matter how big or small they are. Read more

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22 Years


Elementary, Ed. Tech Specialist


MEd, Administration and Supervision, BS, Elementary Education

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Coaching
  • Content Design and Curation
  • Coaching Academy
  • Learning Walks
  • Esports

Recognition and Publications

  • National Board Certified Teacher

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