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Dave Schmittou

Doctorate of Educational Leadership
Education Consultant

About Dave

Having served in education for more than two decades, Dave Schmittou is an innovative leader focused on helping schools, students, and systems reach their full potential.

Having experience in the classroom, as a school leader, district leader, and professor of higher education, Dave is able to bring not only his knowledge, but also his experience to others.

Dave has written several books, speaks and supports schools across America, is a part of the Teach Better Team, and currently works as at Central Michigan University.


Selected Publications:


21 Years

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Assessment and Data Focused
  • School Improvement
  • Process and progress management
  • Curriculum
  • Leadership Development

Recognition and Publications

  • MI Administrator of the Year- 2014
  • MI College Educator of the Year- 2016