Featured Consultant

Fred Jaravata

Education Consultant

About Fred

Fred approaches his role as an educator with the creativity and finesse of a world-class chef.

Fred is not just an educator; he’s a driver of curiosity and a champion of technology in learning. As an AP Computer Science teacher and EdTech Specialist, he artfully combines a love for exploration with a commitment to tech-enhanced education. His approach is akin to a chef designing a culinary experience: Design, Engage, and Enlighten. Each class is crafted with top-tier ingredients, creating a memorable educational journey, guided by curiosity and propelled by technology. Fred’s aim is to spark a lasting interest in knowledge among his students, equipping them to be the innovators of tomorrow.


25 Years


  • Master’s Degree in Teaching
  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Apple Teacher
  • Microsoft Certified Teacher
  • ISTE Educator/Member

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Generative AI in Education
  • Google Workspaces
  • Apple ecosystem
  • Podcasting
  • Makerspaces