Featured Consultant

Jordena Zaorof

Education Consultant

About Jordena

Passionate about harnessing the educational potential of Minecraft, Jordena is dedicated to fostering collaborative and creative skills in students.

With extensive experience in Minecraft education, coding, and esports event management, she has contributed significantly to the STEAM world. Formerly associated with Microsoft, Jordena has not only run events and taught diverse age groups but has also actively participated in the Girls Who Game program, inspiring young minds to explore technology through Minecraft.

Driven by the belief that Minecraft is a powerful learning tool, Jordena envisions students growing and learning through active engagement. She is committed to creating tangible learning experiences within the game, emphasizing collaboration and creativity.

When not immersed in consulting, you’ll find Jordena building online communities that unite people in laughter and camaraderie. As she pursues a degree in Media Arts, Jordena creates engaging videos and content across various social media platforms.

Jordena draws inspiration from the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This quote encapsulates her philosophy, emphasizing the joyous and intellectually stimulating aspects of the creative process.

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Training on Minecraft for Students and Teachers
  • Java Script and Block Coding Teaching
  • Live Event Production Management