Featured Consultant

Lexi Peterson

Education Consultant

About Lexi

Lexi is on a mission to educate families as a whole on how to support students in their daily life: both academic and otherwise.

She is particularly energized by the adolescent years of development. Specifically, educating students about the executive functions of their brains, identifying and building “islands of confidence,” and leveraging both strengths and areas of growth to set and meet digestible and exciting goals in self improvement. Decision making, managing time, creating plans and sticking to them, finding enjoyment in the process of learning. Using direct instruction, mentorship, community circles, the strategies are simple but not obvious and the way forward is consistent support and learning for anyone with influence over a student.

When she is not consulting with ALP, Lexi has her own private Educational Therapy practice working with students and families on an individual basis. She would also be with her two kids, Ruby and Hux, ages six and one.

Her approach to any situation needing a solution can be traced back to two quotes.

“You can’t change the fruit if you don’t change the root.” It’s never about one source or one pivot. It’s about the whole person and their entire experience in this world. Finding meaning behind challenges will always bear the best “fruit.”

“What you water grows!” Mindset is a muscle that needs exercise and training and Lexi always feels grateful when she is the one who gets to help kids do just that.



21 Years


  • B.A. Liberal Studies; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • M.A. Education; UCLA
  • Certification in Educational Therapy; UC Riverside

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Executive Functioning Development and Support
  • Socio/Emotional Learning
  • School, Community, Partnership Engagement
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Curriculum Development