Featured Consultant

Marcia Piquette

Education Consultant

About Marcia

Marcia is passionate about transforming education and collaborating with educators to explore educational technology innovations and experiential learning experiences.

Dedicated to advancing education, Marcia champions the integration of real-world teaching and problem-solving, recognizing that students construct knowledge through experiential learning. Her passion for educational technology and project-based learning propels her work, which includes designing curriculum and integrated learning activities, coaching teachers, and leading professional learning. Designing impactful learning experiences for teachers and students, she is a committed researcher, who champions inquiry, global collaboration, and design thinking. Embracing the transformative potential of progressive education, she leverages her expertise to support educators in navigating the evolving landscape of teaching and learning.


24 Years


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts, Rhetoric and Professional Writing
  • Early Childhood Education Diploma

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Educational Technology
  • Curriculum and Program Design
  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Project Based Learning
  • Progressive and Transformative Education