Featured Consultant

Maria Stavropoulos

Education Consultant

About Maria

Maria is passionate about guiding school districts and educators to new heights with innovative and thoughtful educational strategies.

Maria is an educational consultant known for her innovative and forward-thinking approach. Her focus is on blending technology with teaching and curriculum to shift from traditional teaching to a more engaging, learner-centered approach. Maria actively collaborates with K-12 students, teachers, and administrators, helping them rethink and improve their teaching and learning methods.

Her skills in curriculum design are particularly strong in online and blended learning, and she’s adept at incorporating new technologies into education. Maria also excels in leadership and professional development, mentoring educators to enhance their leadership skills and professional growth.

With her rich experience in elementary and middle school teaching, Maria leads workshops that are both practical and transformative. She’s also recognized as a deft leader, skillfully managing educational program budgets and resources to maximize their impact and effectiveness.

Maria’s approachable style and commitment to educational excellence make her an invaluable asset in evolving educational practices and supporting those dedicated to teaching and learning.


23 Years


  • Administrative Licensing, Concordia University
  • M.A., Teacher Leadership & Organizational Development, Roosevelt university
  • B.S., Elementary Education and Teaching, Elmhurst University

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Design
  • Leadership and Professional Development Coaching
  • Advanced Technology Integration and Training:
  • Strategic Financial and Resource Management
  • Student Tech Team Development

Recognition and Publications

  • Certified Educational Technology Leader - CETL
  • Publication: Cybersecurity Lessons Learned in the K-12 Sector