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District Query

How do I advocate for data governance with our vendors?

We often hear from school districts that Generative AI has made its way into many of the products on their approved list of tools. However, not all vendors have shared updated vendor agreements, disclosed how they are using data to train their models, and/or been transparent about how they are protecting student privacy. This letter was developed by Adam Garry, ALP and Gretchen Shipley, F3 Law and should be reviewed by your own legal team prior to use.

Resource: Dear Vendor Letter, Legal Considerations

District Query

How do I evaluate tools that leverage Generative AI?

School systems were flooded by potential applications long before Generative AI arrived on the scene. But how do school systems evaluate those tools in order to make informed decisions and justify those decisions as fiscal and ethical stewards? This rubric was developed by ALP consultants and should be reviewed by your own legal team prior to use.

Resource: Rubric for Evaluating Generative AI Tools, Rubric User Guide

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District Query

How do we support teachers to make pedagogically-aligned decisions around when students use Generative AI for assignments?

Districts would like to use GenAI for learning and are asking for resources that keep educators at the center of decisions related to learning design and the use of GenAI. This resource invites educators to think through instructional purpose, learner role and learning outcome to inform if and how learners might use GenAI in their work.

Resource: Pathways for AI Use