ALP Services Update: Generative AI for K-12 Systems

Since February 2023, Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) and Dell Technologies have collaborated with a growing number of K-12 districts to understand and carefully assess the impact of generative AI through a systems lens.

At ALP, we have augmented our consulting capacity and refined our IDEA Services portfolio to engage additional education systems beginning in August.


Since 2009, Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) has earned the privilege of working with communities across North America to realize scaled, learner-centered models. Over the course of literally hundreds of 1:1, blended, personalized, and competency-based implementations, our team continues to learn how to leverage the critical drivers and anticipate roadblocks within K-12 education systems.

The onset of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI represents a powerful, fast-moving and potentially historic technological change force.

Since February 2023, ALP has partnered with Dell Technologies and a cohort of U.S.-based K-12 districts to carefully develop literacy, emerging policy and systems-aligned plans anchored in the opportunities and risks associated with these models. These partnerships with districts, established subject matter experts and trusted organizations have enabled our team to build internal team capacity and refine targeted services over the last six months.

Districts that seek an experienced, systems-oriented partner to expand literacy, initiate design, execute on strategy, and facilitate human-centered professional learning around generative AI are encouraged to review the following ALP Services.

ALP Services Update: Generative AI for K-12 Systems

Effective August 1, Advanced Learning Partnerships offers the following IDEA Services in support of K-12 districts engaged in discovery and early-phase implementation of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI:

  • Develop Literacy & Vision for Generative AI.
    • Our experienced senior consultants can facilitate daylong, agenda-driven discovery sessions for educators, administrators, community leaders, families and caregivers, as well as students. A two-day version of this session enables district leaders to conduct protocol-driven, follow-up planning. Our consultant will synthesize data from both sessions into a resource-rich recommendations report.
  • Craft Policy and Plan through a Systems Lens.
    • ALP consultants possess superior skill and experience in framing clear goals, objectives, strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs). They are well positioned to assist district teams through a practical process that produces actionable policy and implementation planning around generative AI. This form of learning model design can be facilitated onsite as well as virtually over a period of 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the complexity and scope of each community’s needs.
  • Build Human Capacity to Manage Large Language Models.
    • As districts and schools begin to operationalize purposeful applications of generative AI, educators will require ongoing training, coaching and consulting support. Our team of experienced consultants can facilitate targeted coaching and modeling to build local capacity around learner-centered pedagogy, leadership competencies, project management protocols, and community engagement.
  • Scale & Align Systems that Result in Transformation.
    • District leaders currently have more questions than answers around the technical and ethical aspects of generative AI as they relate to teaching and learning. Our senior consultants can work alongside K-12 teams to advocate for and co-design local, state and national policy and standards. They can co-define the competencies and organizational changes required to address the opportunities and risks associated with LLMs.

Next Steps for District Teams

As is the case in each partnership we earn, ALP Services are fully customizable to the strengths, common language and strategic goals of each district. Our team of talented senior partnership consultants will work with leaders to design a bespoke proposal and plan to bridge current- and desired future-state needs on any timeline from three months to multiple years.

For additional information, please contact Gaynell Lyman, Amos Fodchuk or any member of our Advanced Learning Partnerships leadership team. They will be happy to schedule a discovery call to learn more about your desired outcomes and promptly craft a customized proposal.


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