“Are you the Google lady?”

I am not “the Google lady”, but don’t let that discourage you.

When I arrived to facilitate a workshop on Amplifying Learner Voice & Choice with Google Suite, I had a feeling this might happen. When you have the honor of delivering professional learning on behalf of a company like Google, it is only natural that people will get excited to attend a Google training, be eager to learn from a Google professional, and assume that you are more or less coming from Google’s Mountain View headquarters, bedecked in that familiar logo.

Only part of that was true.

We would engage in Google-quality training and I am a trained professional in Google for Education, but I do not come from Google directly. While there is a degree of disappointment involved when I explain that I am not a Google employee, there are also plenty of positives in this situation.

In fact, one of my earliest science teachers prepared me for such a reaction.

When I was a kid, there was a fantastic TV science show called “Mr. Wizard”. Mr. Wizard was a kind, older man who performed home science experiments and encouraged you to try them at home. There was an announcement that the Mr. Wizard show was coming to town. We were ecstatic! The show sold out quickly and we eagerly attended. As we sat there ready for scientific magic, a younger guy came out on stage. “Mr. Wizard can’t be here today, but I am his assistant.” We were bummed, to say the least. However, the assistant was very talented, had a great sense of humor, got us all involved in the show, and we still got the joy of learning from someone who Mr. Wizard had taught. It was very cool.

Being able to generate excellent professional learning on behalf of Google sometimes makes me feel like Mr. Wizard’s assistant. Google is an incredible company with a wide range of impact and outreach across the globe. While they have staff, they also need additional teams to deliver learning on their behalf. Our team at Advanced Learning Partnerships has the honor of being a Google Education Partner. We take great pride in creating powerful learning experiences for educators that leverage Google tools, we have rich experience in education and Google Workspace, and we are always happy to serve districts that are seeking outstanding Google-related professional learning experiences.

So, no, I am not “the Google lady”, but don’t let that discourage you. I am an experienced educator with a deep background in educational technology and a Google Certified Trainer.  As a Google partner, my ALP colleagues and I will expertly provide Google-related professional learning for you and your team based on your needs and desired outcomes. We are known for being impactful and, much like Mr. Wizard’s assistant, we have been sent by Google, who trusts us with your learning and empowerment. We’re looking forward to learning with you.

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