DTLN Webinar & Virtual Course Descriptions: Fall 2020

Webinars for Educators

In Fall 2020, Dell Technologies and Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) provided a series of engaging, pedagogy-driven professional learning offerings for Texas educators. See links below for recordings of each webinar. You must register to view recordings. These offerings were the first wave of learning opportunities available through the Dell Texas Learning Network (DTLN). Visit the DTLN offerings page for a list of upcoming professional learning opportunities.

Fall 2020 Archived Recordings

Moving Between Remote & Onsite Learning Models: Who else is tired of the word ‘pivot’? If your district is shifting from remote to onsite learning (or vice versa), managing everything can be overwhelming. Join us for proven resources and practical advice on reaching all learners in remote, onsite, and hybrid models.
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Engaging Learners in Synchronous Virtual Environments: This webinar delves into practices that empower deep learning through video and gaming. Learn from educators who have succeeded in creating vibrant virtual collaboration through norms, student grouping, and reaching reluctant learners.
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Engaging Learners in Asynchronous Virtual Environments: How can we promote deeper and more equitable learning outside of Zoom sessions? Join us to apply practices and tools that unlock the potential for peer-to-peer editing, rubric design, and student voice and choice.
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Empowering Learners as Partners in Assessment: Rich forms of assessment engage students as active participants in setting goals. They spark opportunities for reflection and skill in expressing achievement and needs. Let’s learn how a transformed approach to assessment can be enhanced with technology.

Putting the ‘Break’ in Winter Break: Educator Self-Care: No pedagogy, education acronyms, or TEKS allowed. During this session, we will focus on celebrating what it means to be an educator in 2020. We will gain resources and insights into our own emotional and professional health over this much-needed break.

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