Dell Texas Learning Network: Operation Connectivity

United through innovative, dynamic professional learning, a network of approximately 300 Texas districts mobilize to serve students and families in remote, hybrid, and face-to-face learning modes.

Through an opportunity made available by Texas Education Agency (TEA), Dell Technologies and Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) will serve approximately 300 Independent School Districts (ISDs) as they strive to facilitate equitable, high-quality learning experiences for students in 2020 and 2021.

This Dell Texas Learning Network (DTLN) unites and empowers educators across every region of the State through a responsive and inclusive range of professional learning pathways facilitated by our ALP team:

  • Learner Engagement – What pedagogies best reach children of varying ages, backgrounds, and development levels? How can technology be purposefully applied to reaching learners in remote, hybrid, blended as well as in face-to-face learning modes?
  • Professional Networking – What happens when educators easily and frequently learn from each other? Where can they gather to validate, enable, and uplift colleagues under ever-changing, challenging circumstances?
  • Innovation for Impact – How are promising new approaches in teaching, learning, and leadership spreading? What are the data sources that convince educators to learn and apply innovative pedagogies and tools?
  • Leadership & Service – What does it mean to lead and serve during a pandemic? What opportunities might exist in a post-COVID landscape that we can begin to prepare for now? How can we more sincerely and effectively reach all families and learners in our communities?
  • Honest to Goodness Training – So much change, so little time. How do educators navigate the shift from face-to-face to remote learning modes (and back again)? In what ways can they apply the new technology tools made available by their districts?

Between November 2020 and December 2021, educators within the DTLN access a rich and ever-expanding portfolio of facilitated webinars, virtual courses, networking events, and even personalized small-group coaching sessions. ALP coaches, with established skill and rich experience in a wide array of leadership roles, will attentively facilitate these experiences.

Teachers, coaches as well as school and district administrators may participate in diverse professional learning experiences in one or more of these pathways. Educators may participate in multiple PL formats and through multiple pathways as their needs as well as those of their students evolve.

There is no cost associated with these sessions. Dell Technologies believes in the transformative power that schools have in their communities. The DTLN is an extension of Dell’s commitment to education across Texas.

The DTLN kicks off in November 2020 with the first wave of relevant and engaging webinars and virtual courses. Click HERE to learn more and to register for topics that are differentiated for elementary and secondary teachers, coaches, and administrators.

Beginning in January 2021, DTLN offerings will expand to include conveniently scheduled and interactive virtual PL experiences along each of the aforementioned pathways. A select cohort of DTLN districts may also qualify for expanded PL support through Operation Connectivity. Dell and ALP leadership will reach out to participating ISDs will learn more about the full range of PL offerings in early November.

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