Operation Connectivity: Personalized Consulting & Coaching

Within the Texas Learners Network, a cohort of Districts will leverage Operation Connectivity to address current and future needs through dynamic, responsive professional learning support.

In alliance with Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Dell Technologies, Advanced Learning Partnerships supports 289 Independent School Districts (ISDs) via the Texas Learners Network. The TLN unites and empowers teachers, coaches, and administrators across every region of the State through a responsive and inclusive range of Professional Learning (PL) pathways.

Within the TLN is a cohort of ISDs that qualify for an additional layer of personalized consulting and coaching support from ALP and Dell Technologies. Beginning as early as January and with a completion date no later than December 2021, qualified District teams will work with senior ALP staff to identify and powerfully address one or more areas of local need. There is no cost associated with this PL support.

ALP and Dell Technologies share a long-standing history of successful service to Texas ISDs. Our consultants possess rich experience in unpacking the TEKS and leveraging diverse professional standards overseen by TEA. The Advanced Learning Partnerships IDEA framework enables each district to focus available Professional Learning bandwidth in one or more of these domains:

  • INSPIRE. ALP is fiercely loyal to the belief that people and teamwork lead change. We work together with educators and community leaders to explore alternative approaches to learning and leadership and to chart thoughtful pathways for innovation.
  • DESIGN. ALP collaboratively designs protocols and resources that realize learner-centered outcomes. In partnership with teachers, coaches, and administrators, we roll up our sleeves to create solutions that uplift local priorities and common language.
  • EMPOWER. ALP strives to empower every learner, educator, and leader to be the change their community needs. We work side-by-side with our districts to implement frameworks, learning models, and metrics that elevate learning and drive change.
  • AMPLIFY. The spread of innovation is amplified when dynamic processes are thoughtfully planned and implemented. ALP consultants collaborate with educators and leaders to build data-driven capacity to sustain large-scale learning transformations.

Beginning in November 2020, qualified ISDs will participate in an informational webinar to unpack options and confirm PL available bandwidth. Senior ALP staff will also meet individually with each participating ISD to generate a personalized implementation plan. This plan will allow District leaders to understand and manage the PL support delivered through Operation Connectivity.

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