The ALP Team Welcomes Terrica Young

Our newest employee is looking forward to taking new risks while pushing her own learning and that of those around her.

Advanced Learning Partnerships is delighted to welcome our newest Senior Partnerships Consultant, Terrica Young.  Terrica brings a varied background in leadership and education. We are delighted to have her join our leadership team.

We’ve invited Terrica to share a little about herself.

As an accomplished educator, what are some of your most proud moments? 

I am most proud of the efforts and work that have allowed me to innovate and bring teams together. My work with a private school network allowed me to break geographical boundaries and barriers, and bridge school communities based on common goals. Similarly, as a founding charter school principal, I was able to build community by helping all stakeholders work together for a common purpose, bringing strengths and talents together to build the school community literally from the ground up.

What draws you to work with ALP?

In keeping with my belief that professionals work better together, I see ALP as a community of learners with specialized knowledge that we can use to build off of one another. I am excited to learn from everyone within the organization, and I hope to add value as part of the team. I am also excited to expand my network, and make an impact across my assigned region as well as in other communities where appropriate.

What risks are you looking forward to taking with us?

Without risk, there is no reward. As a company that values learning, I am hoping to expand my knowledge and boldly take on projects that stretch me and challenge me to grow. I am willing to not only provide my expertise, but to get uncomfortable and shift my thinking as our field continues to evolve.

The most effective leaders share Terrica’s passion for continual learning. We are honored that Terrica is willing to join us to help set the conditions to learn and grow together bringing her unique experiences and perspective into the mix. During this time of growth and continued transformation, we thank you for stepping up and leaning in with us, Terrica.

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