ALP Welcomes Rachel

I love seeing teachers take risks and engage in the challenging work of improving their teaching practice.


Advanced Learning Partnerships is delighted to welcome our newest Education Consultant, Rachel Fruin.  When we met Rachel a few years ago, her knowledge about blended learning, professional development facilitation skills, and passion for innovative learning left an impression on those of us who got to work alongside her.  After collaborating with us as an independent consultant for two years, we are delighted to have her join our leadership team.

We’ve invited Rachel to share a little about herself.

What drew you to ALP?

When I was a little girl my dream was to be a crossing guard when I grew up. I thought (and still think) that helping kids get to school is a noble profession. That dream has matured, but the root remains the same. I want to help kids get a quality education and I want to do so by serving educators. I’m excited to serve students, educators and communities with ALP!

As an accomplished educator, what are some of your most proud moments?

As a classroom teacher, my proudest moments were when students engaged in problem solving. My goal was to create a classroom where students felt safe to engage in rough draft thinking and keep trying until they found success. When students participated, tried difficult tasks, and collaborated with their peers even though they were unsure of how to solve a problem, I knew that we had built a safe community for learning mathematics.

Likewise as a math specialist, I loved seeing teachers take risks and engage in the challenging work of improving their teaching practice. When teachers were willing to open up their classrooms to being observed by colleagues, or when they learned and implemented new technology or new teaching strategies, I was proud of the environment that I helped cultivate to make those risk-taking opportunities a reality.

What risks are you looking forward to taking with us?

As a coach, I respect how engaging in the coaching process is both risky and vulnerable. I’m looking forward to opportunities to be coached in my own professional practices as I learn alongside some really awesome people!

Leading change initiatives is challenging and exciting.  We are honored that Rachel is willing to join us to help set the conditions and guide us along our journey.

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