Your Special Invitation


You are invited to a one of a kind professional learning experience hosted by Advanced Learning Partnerships and Dell Technologies

What is the ALP Experience?

The ALP Experience is a community-driven event bringing together multiple districts from the surrounding region. It is unlike a typical conference in that it features a blend of professional and personal learning built around the tenets of Social and Emotional Learning. It is designed to take full advantage of unique spaces and participants in service of conversations and learning that might otherwise be difficult to attain. The content and focus of these events will be customized to meet the needs of the communities it serves.

Who Will Lead This Experience?

The theme and focus of this event is Workplace Wellness. Dr. Katy Fodchuk will be leading participants through a number of thoughtful exercises and experiences that will help you to uncover areas of strength and concern as you endeavor to create a healthy and thriving workplace for all stakeholders.

Katy is an organizational psychologist with 20 years of broad experience in public and private sectors. Since 2006, she has specialized in K-12 education systems and is passionate about collaborating with and supporting districts as they implement transformational organizational change.

In addition, ALP will offer expert facilitators in protocols and community based experience to support Dr. Fodchuk experience.


Why Attend?

  • To expand networks of amplified work by creating a space for authentic collaboration
  • To experience the impact of unique spaces that can contribute to new insights and perspectives not typically explored in more traditional meeting spaces
  • To help break down district silos and build a diverse network by connecting leaders across district and state lines
  • To discover a clear plan and pathway to improve workplace wellness

What is the Schedule?

  • The experience will begin at 4pm on November 2nd and conclude at 11:30am on November 4th. A detailed agenda will follow your confirmation of attendance.
  • There will be a variety of learning experiences that include outdoor learning and activities designed to take advantage of the diversity of the participants and their perspectives.
  • Participants will spend the majority of our day together at a relaxed but purposeful pace.

Who will be there?

  • This invitation is for 4 people from your district
  • We suggest you bring participants from various departments within your district, particularly those with a commitment and interest in addressing workplace wellness
  • Attendees should be committed to engaging with new people, be good listeners and make meaningful contributions to discussions and conversations.
  • We have invited up to 6 different districts to participate
  • While we are committed to creating a low stress and slower pace event, we do plan to use our time wisely. To that end, both Wednesday and Thursday evenings will be times to connect and extend conversations and we expect participants to attend. We also ask that participants stay until the conclusion of the event on Friday.

Where and When will this take place?

  • This event will take place at Horseshoe Bay Resort
  • The event will begin at 4pm on Nov. 2nd and conclude at 11:30am on Nov. 4th

What is the Cost?

  • Registration cost and meals are covered using your Dell/ALP professional learning days
  • You are responsible for the cost of hotel rooms. We have negotiated a reduced rate of $____ per night.
There is limited space so if you are planning to attend, please complete the following form by Sept. 15th. 

For any questions, feel free to reach out to:

Janelle McLaughlin

Emily Chapelle

Dean Shareski

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