Katy Fodchuk, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Organizational Development

About Katy

Katy is an organizational psychologist, who has dedicated most of her 25-year career partnering with educators, to lead transformational and systems-based change.

Propelled by her fascination with human behavior in organizations, Dr. Fodchuk views the workplace as an amazing opportunity for people to come together united by common interests, values, and goals. Throughout Katy’s career she has consulted to organizational leaders on the integration of planned, strategic, and transformational change, competency-based professional learning,  and valid and reliable human resource systems to positively impact the performance, health, and success of their workforces.

Through her deeply held values for quality, compassion, and demonstrated impact, Dr. Fodchuk applies advanced training and experience in behavioral analytics, design, and organization development to help ALP’s partners move toward healthy, productive, and inclusive learning organizations.

When she’s not consulting, Katy enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, and traveling with her family and friends. She is an avid puzzler and loves painting (by numbers!).

Dr. Fodchuk’s consulting  work has most recently been influenced by  “The Burnout Challenge” (Maslach & Leiter, 2022) and “Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things (Grant, 2022).  Both books contain rich and engaging analysis of how we as individuals, teams, and organizations better design and implement a shared and positive vision for good.


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26 Years


  • Ph.D., Psychology
  • Master of Arts, Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Strategic Planning
  • Workplace/Occupational Wellness
  • Competency Modeling and Talent Development
  • Program Impact and Evaluation
  • Selection Systems

Recognition and Publications

  • Capturing Professional Growth in the Coaching Cycle. Learning Forward Conference Presentation, Orlando, FL.
  • Reactive Adjustment or Proactive Embedding? Multi-Study, Multi-Wave Evidence for Dual Pathways to Expatriate Retention. Personnel Psychology, 67, 203 – 239. (Research on International Teacher Competencies)
  • Comparing participation, commitment, and support for change in two formative assessment professional development settings. American Educational Research Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Il.
  • Fulbright Student Scholar to France. University de Nice, Sophia Antipolis

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