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ALP consultants collaborate with educators and leaders to build capacity to sustain large-scale learning transformations.

Learning Walks

When schools and classrooms operate in isolation, it can lead to decisions and assumptions about learning without considering evidence of classroom practice. Through learning walks, educators can dismantle their silos and collaborate with colleagues to identify and build a shared understanding of their district’s learning model. Learning walks are a powerful form of adult learning and collaboration that harness high-yield networking and design within and between schools.

Consultants will facilitate guided learning walks with educators in order to gather data grounded in the district’s learning model. Participants observe their colleagues’ instructional practice and curate evidence of learning through facilitated protocols. Finally, participants synthesize learning data to generate a theory of action to improve the student experience.

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Learning Walks for Data-Informed Decisions

The evidence of established classroom routines demonstrates the effectiveness of technology as a learning tool, no matter what technology structures were in place,

Trailblazer Cohorts

Trailblazer cohorts are a form of professional learning designed to scale high-yield instructional practices within and between schools by empowering early adopters to take supported risks. Through comprehensive support, selected trailblazers gain the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to introduce forward-thinking methods in their classrooms. Our coaches support these trailblazers as they model transformative teaching practices, make a commitment to support colleagues and advocate for continuous learning. Trailblazers integrate research-based practices and learner-centered pedagogies within their daily facilitation. Over time, their learning environments can become model classrooms that welcome coaches and educators to observe innovative practices. This collaborative culture promotes continuous learning and growth for the trailblazers, their colleagues, and students.

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Trailblazer Spotlight: Beth Gillikin

Beth says it best herself: her students can do anything on their Chromebooks, but what she and her students have learned is so much more than use of a tool.

Coaching Academy

ALP’s Coaching Academy cultivates transformative coaching experiences and fosters collaborative learning among coaches, driving personal and professional growth. Built on trust and collaboration, coaching relationships prioritize shared learning and continuous improvement. Through skillful facilitation and peer-to-peer interaction, coaches enhance their abilities, drawing from diverse experiences and insights. This dynamic environment promotes job-embedded collaboration, expanding expertise and nurturing a coaching culture rooted in both student and educator agency. With a focus on personalized guidance and consistent high-quality coaching, the Academy empowers coaches to unlock individual potential and drive lasting transformations, transcending traditional roles to create a community of teacher-learners.

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We All Need a Coach

Growth requires coaching.

Program Impact

To demonstrate program impact, leaders must have a plan for gathering and analyzing data. Whether implementing a district-wide program or piloting new practices with a small group, ALP consultants, trained in program evaluation and data analytics, will collaborate with district staff to collect, analyze, and interpret program data. The resulting Program Impact Plan will break down clear paths to gather, analyze, and leverage data to inform ongoing implementation decisions (timelines, strategy, tactics). ALP’s interactive data dashboards and reporting will demonstrate the program’s impact in real terms for all stakeholders.