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ALP consultants collaborate with educators and leaders to build capacity to sustain large-scale learning transformations.

Change Management Consulting

ALP supports talented site leaders as they build a team of change agents and trailblazers to spread innovative teaching and learning practices throughout their schools. Consultants facilitate large group leadership institutes, team-based site leader instructional walks, and one-on-one consulting. Participants benefit from visioning, professional development, logistics support, and models of best practices needed for implementation of initiatives aligned with district vision across all grade levels and subject areas.

Administrators apply systemic approaches to change initiatives, actualizing a shared vision that connects the district’s organizational change with stakeholder vision for teaching and learning. Through use of an outcome-based implementation plan with specific goals, milestones, and measures of success, administrators integrate the school’s unique talent base and culture, to recruit educator participation and build momentum for change.

Facilitated Learning Walks

ALP facilitates cohorts of teachers and district instructional support staff in a series of classroom visits and reflections. Each set of learning walks culminates with the synthesis of reflections, aligning classroom visits to a district/school instructional framework. During a Reflective Friends learning series, participants synthesize reflections and engage in discussion of formative metrics that provide instructional leaders with powerful data on the state of teaching and learning in their buildings.

Participants in a Reflective Friends learning series develop a shared understanding of the school/district instructional framework and define key aspects of learning models that may include technology infusion, use of questions to facilitate deeper learning, integration of voice and choice, and strategic use of space. In addition, use of Reflective Friends data helps to transform learning across and between campuses through establishment and implementation of a plan for schoolwide scale.

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What Do You Do With an Idea?

Commit to paying more attention to your ideas no matter how big or small they are.

Trailblazer Cohorts

ALP applies job-embedded coaching practices to empower teacher leaders, referred to here as Trailblazers, as they take risks to help lead the implementation of a school/district-wide learning model. ALP supports these Trailblazers as they model transformative teaching practices, make a commitment to support colleagues, and advocate for continuous learning.

Trailblazer educators integrate best practices in technology integration and pedagogy within their learning environments, with the goal of sharing emerging innovation and best practice both within their schools and across the district.

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Trailblazer Spotlight: Beth Gillikin

Beth says it best herself: her students can do anything on their Chromebooks, but what she and her students have learned is so much more than use of a tool.

Innovation Lab Classrooms

Studio / Model Classroom teachers open their classrooms for others to observe both developing and refined classroom practices. Instructional Rounds within Innovation Lab Classrooms establish a “learning lab” culture in which educators observe student learning as a means to improve practice.

Trailblazers, First Followers, and Active Observers take supported risks to shift instruction along the district/school learning continuum. Their professional courage to allows educators at all levels of the organization to engage in scheduled and structured classroom visits focused on specific look-fors aligned with participating teachers’ professional learning goals.

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When Beliefs About Learning Drive Technology Use

One district leverages a technology roll-out delay to lay a foundation for reimagining their approach to learning design.

Coaching Academy

Within a job-embedded context, ALP leads district coaches and specialists through a combination of whole-group training, collaborative teaching, and small group reflection to expand their expertise and experience in support of classroom teachers and site administrators through the professional learning process.

Cohorts of instructional coaches develop collective capacity in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that promote a learning culture rooted in student and teacher agency. Participants build their understanding of a coaching mindset, and expand their repertoire of strategies and resources for planning, practicing, communicating, and documenting their roles in alignment with district vision.

Leadership Professional Learning

ALP consultant(s) facilitate a yearlong professional learning that empowers school leaders to analyze and improve upon teaching and learning practices in their respective schools. Activities and resources are aligned to the district learning model and are delivered through a series of scaffolded, blended learning experiences that allow participants to personalized their own learning as they unpack and apply their new learning in ways that best serve their respective school sites.

School leaders actively participate in their own professional growth and contribute to the development of higher-order learning environments for the adult and student learners they support.

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The School Leader As Designer

How might we ensure that leadership practices meet the needs of the students and teachers they are intended to serve?