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ALP strives to empower every learner, educator and leader to be the change their community needs.

Classroom Coaching and Modeling

ALP coaches partner with participants to select a focus area aligned to facilitating learning in an authentic, student-centered classroom. Within a job-embedded context, they engage in a practical and proven three-phase process of modeling, team teaching and forward feedback that promotes sustained and measurable instructional growth.

Teachers develop and implement lessons, units and assessments that provide rich learning experiences for students in a student-centered learning environment. ALP consultants collaborate with teachers to integrate meaningful technology tools and high-yield instructional strategies to deepen learning.

Blended and Video-based Learning

ALP coaches leverage the power of video to accelerate individual and collective growth by engaging in reflective cycles of learning between face-to-face coaching interactions. Choosing from a variety of platforms that support virtual interactions, ALP collaborates with participating educators to engage in timely synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences.

Educators develop capacity by engaging in reflective practice with colleagues to support high-yield learning outcomes. They use interactive tools centered around video of their own classroom to analyze their practice. This approach empowers educators at all levels of the organization, blending onsite coaching and modeling with virtual coaching, so teachers experience the benefit of just-in-time feedback between onsite visits.

Profile for Innovative Educators

ALP coaches partner with district coaches and teachers to leverage the Profile for Innovative Educators (PIE) framework and coaching process to amplify teacher practice. ALP provides customized support for district coaches as they calibrate around the the language of teacher behaviors described by the PIE framework, and employ the PIE interface to track growth and reflections.

Coaches and teachers engage in regular reflection on professional growth in targeted areas to inform both professional learning and job-embedded support. Additionally, districts gain access to cohort data analytics platform that highlights progress along a set of core competencies related to innovation and creativity, collaborative learning, student agency and access, classroom technology integration, professional leadership, and 21st Century Skills.  Learn More.

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Profile for Innovative Educators

We wanted to know what makes an educator innovative and how we as consultants and coaches can support others who are interested in building these skills.

Action-based Talent Development

With Action-based Talent Development, educators put their role’s validated competency model into action through goal-setting, practice, and reflection in order to optimize their professional growth and development.

Educators partner with their colleagues and mentors in a process of reflection and continuous and focused growth over time. Educators track their journey in an interactive digital platform that guides and integrates the educators’ reflection and practice toward professional growth goals with feedback and inspiration from trusted peers, mentors and supervisors.

Competency Modeling is a prerequisite process to Action-Based Talent Development.

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Building and Shaping a New Team’s Culture

How one team of coaches built intentional opportunities to focus on their own learning – both individually and as a team.

Dell Teaching and Learning Academy

ALP coaches facilitate a series of experiences tailored to specific needs of educators, mentors, and leaders as they earn their Dell certification. During these job-embedded sessions, participants learn and apply processes, strategies and protocols that align with the realities of teaching, coaching, and leading in a technology-rich environment.

Dell Certified Educators model increased facility with the infusion of technology in their instructional focus area toward student-driven learning.

Dell Certified Educational Leaders apply leadership processes, strategies, and protocols that inspire teachers engaging in the design and implementation of transformative learning experiences.

Dell Certified Instructional Mentors showcase an elevated level of comfort and skill in facilitation of adult learning that activates change.

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Trailblazer Spotlight: Lisa Tirado

The first words out of her mouth: “This approach has changed my life! I could never go back to teaching ‘the old way’ again.”

Virtual Course Facilitation

ALP engages educators in experiences that pair online learning with a series of relevant and challenging tasks to earn course completion. Courses topics include:

  • nuanced literacy instruction
  • open education resources
  • competency based education models
  • personalized and blended curriculum development
  • gamification
  • best practices in deeper learning

Participating educators acquire, apply, and reflect on new learning strategies and instructional practices. Over the course of three weeks participants network with other teachers across the school/district/state/country in support of implementation of high-yield learning strategies. Participants invest approximately six (6) hours of time for each virtual course.