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ALP strives to empower every learner, educator and leader to be the change their community needs.


ALP’s coaching approach is designed to provide personalized support, clear goals, and a structured process for individuals and teams to achieve their objectives. Participants work with an experienced educator who offers proven instructional strategies and immediate feedback tailored to highlight participant strengths and meet individual learning preferences.

The coaching relationship between ALP and participants is built on mutual trust and collaboration. ALP and participants may engage in collaborative goal setting, curating student artifacts, and/or co-designing learning experiences. Observation and reflection cycles create space for articulating and improving teaching practice.

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Virtual Learning Can Support Coaching Growth

Still operating in hybrid environments hasn’t stopped children from learning, nor should it prohibit educator growth.

Profile for Innovative Educators

ALP partners with coaching teams and teachers to leverage the Profile for Innovative Educators (PIE) framework and coaching process to amplify high-yield instructional practice. Our consulting team provides customized support for district coaches as they calibrate around the language of teacher competencies described by the PIE framework and employ the PIE interface to track growth and reflections.

District coaches and teachers engage in regular reflection on professional growth in targeted areas to deeply personalize the professional learning support. Additionally, districts gain access to a cohort data analytics platform that highlights progress along a set of core competencies measuring innovation and creativity, digital fluency and collaboration, student agency and access, professional growth and leadership.

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Profile for Innovative Educators

We wanted to know what makes an educator innovative and how we as consultants and coaches can support others who are interested in building these skills.

Talent Development Systems

Talent Development Systems provide an interactive and formative feedback tool for educators to put their role’s validated competency model into action and optimize professional growth and development. Through comprehensive validation studies and implementation across several districts, ALP has developed talent development systems for instructional coaches and teachers.  Districts may access these systems or collaborate with ALP to develop customized Talent Development systems for other district roles.

Educators partner with their colleagues and mentors in a process of reflection, professional goal setting, and continuous and focused growth grounded in competencies. Educators track their journey in an interactive digital platform that guides and integrates their reflections and practice toward professional growth goals with formative feedback and inspiration from trusted peers, mentors, and supervisors. Competency Modeling may be a prerequisite process to Talent Development Systems.

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Building and Shaping a New Team’s Culture

How one team of coaches built intentional opportunities to focus on their own learning – both individually and as a team.

Dell Teaching and Learning Academy

ALP facilitates a series of experiences tailored to the specific needs of classroom teachers, coaches, and site administrators as they earn their respective Dell Technologies certification. Between onsite (when appropriate), virtual and blended touchpoints, participants learn and apply processes, strategies, and protocols that align with the realities of teaching, coaching, and leading in an authentically learner-centered environment. Cohorts of certified teachers, coaches and administrators are strategically positioned to engage their colleagues with familiarity and trust.  Dell Technologies certification is a powerful tool for districts engaged in the realization of scaled and sustainable learning and technology initiatives.

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Trailblazer Spotlight: Lisa Tirado

The first words out of her mouth: “This approach has changed my life! I could never go back to teaching ‘the old way’ again.”

Virtual Course Facilitation

ALP engages educators in experiences that pair online learning with a series of relevant and challenging tasks to earn course completion. Our 30+ course catalog integrates diverse pedagogies (literacy instruction, open education resources, competency-based and personalized education models, etc.) with the purposeful application of technology tools, including but not limited to Google and Microsoft. An accomplished facilitator convenes synchronous and asynchronous sessions that empower participants to engage in collective inquiry, creation, and sharing.  Participants invest approximately six (6) hours of time networking in cross-functional teams of teachers, coaches, and administrators across schools, districts, states, and provinces in support of high-yield learning.