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ALP consultants are designers of learner-led growth models focused on organization-wide impact.

Needs Assessment and Asset Inventory

Schools, districts, and boards often benefit from an experienced, external perspective prior to and during the shift toward a learner-centered model.  Guided by a small number of prioritized queries, the needs assessment process reveals findings and recommendations that empower incremental organizational shifts on a multi-year timeline.

This practical, cost-effective and minimally invasive process provides leadership with validation in areas of organizational strength. Most importantly, they receive guidance on how to overcome institutional challenges through intentional, realizable calibrations. By focusing on a small number of critical queries, our team can draft a customized report with actionable next steps on a timeline that builds collective vision and local capacity to measurably navigate change.

Strategic Planning

ALP facilitates protocols that empower leaders to discover, identify, and refine a concrete vision for a school, department, district, or organization. Our collaborative planning processes integrate community voices in discovering their strengths and needs and envisioning possibilities based on that capacity.

In close partnership with teams, charged with leading and implementing strategic change, we design a plan that is clear, measurable, and realizable.

Learning Model Development

Leveraging over a decade of competency-based learning design experience, ALP leads educators in creating a customized district learner profile with aligned learner progressions. This multi-phase process begins with building a shared vision and leads to an iterative design partnership with district and community stakeholders.

With these resources, educational leaders are poised to communicate a clear vision for student success. Through clearly scaffolded progressions, leaders also make that learning visible and accessible to educators integrating change in their instructional practices. This service directly and positively impacts learner-centered curriculum, assessment, and professional learning frameworks.

Competency Modeling

ALP combines a thorough review of district strategy, vision, and values with one-on-one interviews and attentive job shadowing into a validated competency model. Competency model development is customized for various positions within a district and aligns job functions with the district vision.

ALP facilitates a process whereby role incumbents and supervisors translate organizational vision into behaviorally-anchored competency descriptions with corresponding proficiency progressions. The competency model is a foundation on which to build related human resources systems (e.g., selection processes, orientation/mentoring, performance and talent development, etc.) aligned with district vision.

See Talent Development Systems for implementation services integrating competency models into a formative  performance feedback platform.

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Innovation & Learning Coach

The IDEA drivers INSPIRE, DESIGN, EMPOWER and AMPLIFY, are at the core of all ALP work, including the domains for our coaching competencies.

Learner-Centered Experience Design

ALP partners with curriculum design teams to cleanly define student learning outcomes and then create aligned formative assessments.  These assessments incrementally foster learner self-efficacy and promote purposeful feedback from their teachers and peers.

This close collaboration results in dynamic, scalable resources that integrate directly into existing frameworks to balance authentic learner outcomes and standards.  This service is especially useful in education settings where the goal is to sustain or scale implementations of personalized, blended or competency-based learning models.

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Can these things really be taught?

Students can develop 21st century skills when districts, schools and teachers create meaningful and appropriate learning conditions, environments, and experiences throughout a student’s whole education.

Content Design and Curation

ALP creates custom resources designed to meet the unique facilitation and instructional goals of our partners. Leveraging a network of experts and research, ALP provides tangible guides that help leaders scale initiatives within their teams and organization.

Partners gain a custom portfolio of resources including protocols, playlists, or toolkits as well as guides for leveraging the resources to scale initiatives across teams, departments, and organizations. Through a facilitated learning experience, ALP works with leaders to build capacity to understand and deploy resources.

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Factors that Influence School-wide Change

The journey these schools have gone on has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile. The benefits of these initiatives were demonstrated through data and in learning environments that were joyful, inviting, and empowering.