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ALP consultants are designers of learner-led growth models focused on organization-wide impact.

Needs Assessment

ALP works with district leadership to gather data at all levels of the organization to assess change readiness and craft an implementation plan that aligns campus needs with professional learning goals.

District and school leaders make informed decisions about next steps toward a district-defined focus by applying a timeline of recommendations that maximizes potential for all stakeholders in the district. ALP consultants produce a detailed needs assessment report document. If desired, the consultant can present findings and recommendations during executive, board, and / or community meetings.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

ALP facilitates a series of outcomes-aligned protocols that empower team discovery and refinement of a concrete vision for the district’s enhanced learning model, organizational structure, and/or program initiative.
A team of ALP consultants applies this vision toward co-creation of one or more resources that inform sustainability and scale. These may include:

  • literature review
  • logic model
  • readiness indicators
  • comprehensive implementation plan

District and school leadership team members co-develop and utilize a portfolio of customized artifacts. These resources are designed with intent to inform long-term district implementation, target communication, and provide benchmark metrics of success associated with a newly articulated learning model, organizational structure, or program. These team members, with support from ALP, consolidate internal and external resources to support the implementation of a fully articulated plan. This plan helps to communicate priorities, supports, and evidence of effective initiative implementation, positioning stakeholders for its successful execution.

Learning Model Development

ALP facilitates the development and adoption of a district or school learning model through a multi-phase process of visioning, prioritization, development, and implementation. Assets developed to support the learning model may include:

  • learner profile
  • companion document of support resources/services
  • coaching model
  • common language framework

Learning communities leverage a refined learning model resources to deepen a shared belief and culture around learning and teaching that fuels personal professional growth and deeper learning for students and educators.

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Moving From Pockets to Culture of Engaging, Deep, Challenging Learning

Accepting the challenge to implement the Profile of a Virginia Graduate in an authentic, shared, and transparent way.

Competency Modeling

ALP combines a thorough review of district strategy, vision, and values with one-on-one interviews and on-site job shadowing into a validated competency model that aligns job functions with the district vision.

Job incumbents and district and/or school leadership translate organizational vision into behaviorally-anchored competency descriptions with performance proficiency levels that promote growth and development within a given role. The competency model represents a foundation on which to build and align related human resources systems with district vision.

See Action-based Talent Development (Empower) for implementation services integrating competency models into ongoing performance feedback platform.

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Innovation & Learning Coach

The IDEA drivers INSPIRE, DESIGN, EMPOWER and AMPLIFY, are at the core of all ALP work, including the domains for our coaching competencies.

Authentic Learning Experience Design

ALP coaches partner with participants to select a focus area aligned to facilitating learning in an authentic, student-centered classroom. ALP engages educators in design of authentic learning experiences and/or performance-based assessments within authentic context that leverage available technologies.

Participating teachers and instructional leaders develop a deep understanding of Authentic Learning Experiences (ALE) and the alignment of performance-based assessment to curricular outcomes. They apply that knowledge to the design of lesson and unit structures, assessments, and management practices that support student voice and choice in a real-world context. With support from ALP, teachers implement the ALE and/or performance-based assessment in the classroom paired with a rubric that outlines and describes a learning progression of relevant content standards or competencies.

Toolkit / Field Guide Development

ALP designs a customized portfolio of strategies, protocols, and resources for use by school leaders and coaches. This personalized collection of resources is designed to the unique needs of the team and aligned to district initiatives.

Use of this toolkit provides learning leaders with common language and practices aligned to the district vision for learning and leadership. School leaders and coaches leverage the toolkit’s protocols and resources to actualize personalized professional goals.