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ALP works to build a deep understanding of the unique needs of each partner so that we may inspire and unite all learners.


ALP presents a message that inspires members across the organization to join transformative efforts.

Stakeholders gain an increased sense of excitement and responsibility to transform learning, developing common language that articulates the why, what, and how of change. Following the address, participants commit to action in support of the school/district vision for learning in a personalized environment.

Visioning Days

ALP facilitates a community experience that reveals a vision for student learning, presenting recommended next steps for consideration.

Representatives from the learning community co-develop a refined vision for what learning can look like in the district. Participating district leaders, school leaders, board members, teachers, students, parents and community members leave the session with both individual and collective action steps toward the realization of that vision.

Facilitated Learning Experiences

ALP assists with coordination and execution of cohort-based, school-wide, and/or district-wide experiences. Participating educators engage in a facilitated learning experience driven by their professional learning interests and/or district initiatives.

Format for experiences may include: workshops, conference sessions, edCamp engagement, and leadership retreats. Participants emerge with the tools and resources necessary to apply learning in the classroom or school setting.

Teaching and Learning Institutes

ALP engages cohorts of educators in 2-4 day “deep dives” to support implementation of deeper learning experiences. The institutes provide participants with strategies, tools, and resources to use throughout planning and delivery of deeper learning lessons, units, assessment, or other projects.

Participating educators develop lessons, units and assessments that provide rich learning experiences for students. They collaborate with ALP coaches to consider implementation strategies that integrate technology tools and high-yield instructional strategies to deepen learning.

Leadership Consulting

ALP supports talented site leaders as they build and support a team to spread innovative teaching and learning practices throughout their schools. Participants benefit from visioning, professional development, logistics support, and models of best practices needed for implementation of initiatives aligned with district vision across all grade levels and subject areas.

Participating leaders design and implement a strategic framework of support that aligns with the vision to activate schools. ALP consultants work alongside these leaders as they take steps to transform teaching and learning, leverage the benefits of a personalized learning environment, and create the conditions that support redefining the classroom experience as a means to drive systemic improvement of student performance.

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The Wall

A comprehensive approach to vision clarification and organization-wide support for professional learning that ‘walks the walk.’

Cross-Partnership Networking

ALP fosters connections between and among members of our wide network of trailblazing educators, instructional leaders, and district innovators. Through social media avenues, facilitated virtual discussions, and cross-partnership site visits, participating educators grow together and learn from each other’s experiences.

Driven by a common sense of purpose that stretches beyond the boundaries of any one school or district, these relationships spur on new learning through deep partnerships that unite isolated educators into a community of learners.