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ALP works to build a deep understanding of the unique needs of each partner so that we may inspire and unite all learners.

Discovery Sessions

ALP facilitates an inclusive, interactive experience revealing a purposeful vision for change with built-in time to define and commit to practical action steps. ALP’s Discovery Sessions have included the collaborative design of innovative student learning models, strong community networks, and enhancements to district and department systems.

Stakeholders who participate in one or more Discovery Sessions co-develop a refined vision for learning in their community. Central and site-based administrators, board members, teachers, students, caregivers, and community leaders are often invited to collaborate in defining action steps that advance a vision authentically tied to the culture and needs of their community.

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Building a Shared Vision

How one day of envisioning the future can translate into a model for actualizing it.


ALP Institutes are pivotal in championing emerging educational initiatives, equipping educators to navigate the dynamic educational landscape. With a focus on addressing challenges posed by evolving policies and advancing learning technologies, these interactive sessions foster collaborative learning environments. ALP facilitators offer cutting-edge research, best practices, and resources vital for adaptation and growth. Emphasizing community building, ALP values fostering networks of practice, ensuring sustainable implementation of learner-centered experiences. Beyond the sessions, this approach cultivates a supportive community of professionals united in their dedication to delivering exceptional education.

Leadership Consulting

ALP supports school, district and board leadership teams as they inspire and build local capacity to diffuse innovative teaching and learning practices throughout their schools. Participating leaders apply protocols to unpack clear, practical language supporting learner-centered models and apply proven leadership strategies that promote co-owned, sustained growth over time.

Participants benefit from attentive visioning, professional development, and practical implementation consulting that personalize district/board vision across all grade levels and subject areas.  Leaders work in small cohorts to concretely define actionable steps and identify necessary resources to initiate the conditions that support redefining the learning experience for teachers, students, and the greater community.

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Lessening the Loneliness of Leadership

The importance of leaders, particularly school leaders, in making meaningful and lasting change cannot be underestimated.


ALP presents a tailored, highly engaging experience that inspires people to co-author and realize a collective vision for purposeful learning. A well-crafted and facilitated keynote promotes an increased sense of excitement and responsibility to transform learning. It expands the common language articulating the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ of change. Following the address, many participants are more likely to see themselves in the movement to energize their community’s vision for realizable, learner-centered outcomes.

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Charting Our Horizon: Leadership and Learning in 2020-21

As we embark on this new and altogether unique academic year, the ALP team aligns perspectives on how we might serve together in 2020 – 21.

Innovative Networking Teams

United by common challenges and a desire to collaborate solutions, teams leverage ALP’s facilitation and expertise to share their experience, challenges, and recommendations. Teams develop actionable solutions and implementation plans customized to their context and communities by leveraging the wisdom of their cohort. Individuals and teams stay accountable for outcomes and impact through regular collaboration with a network of colleagues, peers, and subject-matter experts. The power of Innovative Networking Teams is realized through the actionable collaboration and sustained working relationships built through facilitation that sustains beyond the formal end of the ALP service timeline.

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The Power of Innovative Networking Teams

“Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much – Helen Keller.”