Part of the Learning Journey

Metro Nashville Public Schools has been a learning partner of ours for several years. Over the years, relationships have formed and the leaders in MNPS continue to trust us with deep and meaningful work.

Recently, I was invited to work with the district’s instructional technology team over a period of two days. This team is composed entirely of career educators who have a passion for serving the students and teachers in MNPS. Their two main focus areas are integrating blended learning and computer science throughout the district. In order to continue to help them navigate that integration, we scheduled a two-day onsite institute with the team. ALP institutes are designed to be interactive and collaborative. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning, enabling educators to remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering unparalleled education to students.

During an institute, ALP facilitators provide educators with the latest research, best practices, strategies, tools, and resources essential for adaptation and growth. Beyond the confines of the sessions, ALP values building robust networks and communities of practice. This emphasis ensures sustainable implementation of learner-centered experiences and cultivates a community of professionals who continually inspire and support one another in their shared mission.

With that premise in mind, we spent time reflecting on the first half of the school year and dreaming big for the months ahead. These periods of reflection, visioning and discovery resulted in a concrete plan to scale their team across the district for the following school year. By planning ahead, we could then set some next steps to accomplish throughout the second semester of this year.

This district-level team has a strong desire to support leaders at the school level as they continue to explore ways to integrate blended learning practices in the classroom. Additionally, they also desire to support teachers at the classroom level as they apply best practices to transform the teaching and learning in their classes. Through “institutes”, ALP supports the launch of educational initiatives, ensuring educators are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education. Our next steps in MNPS will be to equip and empower the team through coaching strategies they can apply with teachers they support. This experience was just one more step along the professional learning pathway Metro Nashville district leaders have chosen for their own growth and that of the educators they support.

What is your learning journey?

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