ALP Welcomes Julie

Our newest employee is looking forward to rolling up her sleeves to navigate challenges that communities have truly never navigated before.

Advanced Learning Partnerships is delighted to welcome Julie Foss as our newest Education Consultant.  Julie is not new to ALP, as she has been integrally involved leading innovation across the country with us for the past two years. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to leverage her experiences to strengthen our internal team.

We’ve invited Julie to share a little about herself.

As an accomplished educator, what are some of your most proud moments?

In reflecting on my proudest moments as an educator, I realize so many of these moments revolve around access.

As a Spanish teacher, I committed to creating learning experiences that were not only accessible to all of my learners but that engaged students in seeing the rest of the world as something it was in their purview to access.

As an administrator, I felt a deep sense of responsibility to model and set the conditions for access to a learner mindset in both students and adults.

And as a consultant and a coach, access has become about supporting school districts and teams to make their thinking visible and translate it to actionable steps that move change forward.

What draws you to work with ALP?

I am drawn to ALP’s values and see my own values mirrored in ALP’s mission and vision as an organization.  The trust our partners place in ALP is noteworthy and the respect ALP has for front line educators, leaders, and organizations runs deep.  When I work with ALP consultants and partners I feel like I want others to feel when they work with me: challenged, authentic, trusted, just outside my comfort zone, and insatiably curious.  ALP nurtures, expects, and invites me and others to show up in that space regularly.

What risks are you looking forward to taking with us?

This is an incredibly unique time to be living and serving as an educator.  I look forward to rolling up my sleeves with learning communities to navigate challenges we have truly never navigated before.  Leaning into uncertainty and creating space and structure to learn through that uncertainty is a risk I am looking forward to taking with ALP and our partners.

Julie’s personal story reflects so many of the attributes that draw us together.  As a member of the ALP leadership team, she is already lifting us up and pushing us forward with her probing questions, deep reflections and passion for innovation.  During this time of thinking outside the box and taking risks, we thank you for stepping up and leaning in with us, Julie.

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