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Evergreen Public Schools, WA

Evergreen Public Schools sought to articulate a district vision founded on the shared belief that learning drives technology use (and not the other way around).

District Overview

Evergreen Public Schools sought to articulate a district vision founded on the shared belief that learning drives technology use (and not the other way around). Driven by a moral imperative to address equity and access for all learners, EPS leaders re-envisioned an organizational structure that placed an emphasis on learning design and technology in support of personalized learning. Delays in technology deployment led to an unintended positive consequence, allowing educators time to focus deeply on learning design.

In 2015, a Dell EMC education strategist who had built a deep relationship with Evergreen leadership recognized the opportunity for ALP contribute to the district’s goals.  Since then, ALP has worked closely with EPS leaders to customize visioning, design, implementation and amplification services to meet evolving needs of educators at all levels of the organization. It is a pleasure to work with a team that has a sophisticated vision for personalized learning accompanied by the talent, energy, and determination to actualize that vision.  Learn more about Evergreen’s Path to Personalized learning.

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  • Located 15 miles north of Portland, OR
  • One of the largest school districts in Washington state, serving 27,000 students across 35 schools
  • Emphasizes personalized learning, collaborative instruction, and graduation attainment for all students.
  • Co-presenters at Learning Forward Annual Conference in 2017
  • ALP Partnership since 2014: 9 integrated, job-embedded services, 14 uniquely skilled consultants
  • About Evergeen Public Schools: http://www.evergreenps.org/Article-View/about-evergreen-public-schools

District Timeline

Spring 2015 - Spring 2018
2016 - 2019

A cohort of seven Innovation Center Schools launched a system of strategic support structures for leaders and educators as they envisioned and implemented their plans for a personalized learning environment. In subsequent years, support structures evolved to include studio lab classrooms in Residency schools across the district. ALP and Dell EMC continue to cultivate an expanding network of EPS schools as they explore elements of authentic, problem-based learning.

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2016 - 2018

Given the enhanced level of comfort and skill that many EPS educators were demonstrating around online learning, ALP and Dell EMC proposed blending onsite training with high-quality, practical virtual courses. EPS leadership selected seven virtual courses from a menu of options facilitated by ALP and Dell EMC, with each course customized to the needs of the district. These experiences provided educators the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues within and across schools, engaging with content to explore new strategies over a short period of time.

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2016 - 2017

Learner Profile and Progressions

The personalized learning framework developed by EPS leaders provided users with a continuum of descriptors of the Essential Elements of a Personalized Learning Environment. As the framework was rolled out, the EPS district leadership communicated interest in tightening up the language to clearly describe the complexity in positive, measurable, continuous, and concise terms. ALP consultants facilitated a series of protocols to further refine the foundation document and begin integration of companion resources.

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2016 - 2017

Learning Walks

To share the learning journeys of the first cohort of Innovation Center schools, EPS educators from across the district participated in facilitated learning walks. The Reflective Friends experience was co-designed to empower site administrators, instructional coordinators, and select teachers to analyze current practices and make commitments to next steps that might expedite the transformation. In addition, the work of the Reflective Friends teams led to the refinement of the district’s learning framework and companion resources.

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2016 - 2016

Competency Modeling

As Evergreen Public Schools shifted toward a personalized learning model with 1-to-1 technology integration, leaders recognized that the role of Teacher Librarian (TL) would need to evolve to support the district-wide change effort. ALP partnered with EPS leaders and TLs to identify, define, and align the roles and responsibilities of the role with the goals and vision of the district, resulting in the development of a competency model with specific behaviorally-anchored descriptors of proficiency.

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2015 - 2015

Evergreen district leaders sought baseline data on teachers’ and administrators’ understanding of personalized learning and experience with practices that would support an increased use of related pedagogies and resources. Based on the results of the needs assessment, ALP and the Dell EMC education strategist were positioned to work with district leaders to establish a timeline for implementation of a comprehensive, multi-year plan for adoption of personalized learning across the district.

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Advanced Learning Partnerships and Dell Technologies are proud partners in the ongoing professional learning partnerships with Evergreen Public Schools

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