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REMC & Michigan Department of Education

ALP & Dell Technologies partner with Michigan Department of Education and Regional Educational Media Center Association to deliver diverse, advanced pedagogical support to educators across the State.

District Overview

ALP & Dell Technologies partner with Michigan Department of Education and Regional Educational Media Center Association to deliver diverse, advanced pedagogical support to educators across the State.

By coordinating these Professional Learning Services through REMC, ALP and Dell Technologies are able to leverage the existing logistical network to reduce cost without compromising district choice regarding high-quality professional learning options.

Today, Advanced Learning Partnerships, Dell Technologies and REMC continue to partner around the design and implementation of customized professional learning services aligned to the State #GoOpen, Top 10 In 10, MITECS, Competency-Based Education and K-12 Literacy initiatives.

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  • The Michigan Department of Education serves 1,520,065 students in over 900 intermediate school districts (ISD), lead education agencies (LEA) and public school academies (PSA).
  • The Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan (remc.org) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1969 to support quality teaching and learning and provide equity to Michigan’s preK-12 students.

District Timeline

Spring 2014 - Spring 2022
2021 - 2022

In close collaboration with state and local REMC leaders, ALP partners with Dell Technologies to co-design and implement a New Teacher Academy for Michigan educators who begin their careers under challenging conditions brought about by COVID-19. Through a combination of collaborative iteration and facilitated video coaching, our consultants are meeting the critical needs of districts across Michigan as new educators build trust and success in their family outreach and instructional practice.

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2021 - 2022

Innovative Networking Teams

Podcasting has become a dominant form of learning, entertainment and networking over the last decade. This trend is amplified in K-12 education, with diverse and compelling options available to educators. Our consulting team is currently partnered with REMC to provide Michigan-based education leaders with the facilitated guidance and resources to create, record, promote and grow a REMC-oriented podcast in 2021-22. This work is rich in its creativity and strategy. Check in later this fall to access the first podcasts from this exciting endeavor!

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2019 - 2022

Discovery Sessions

Across North America, no sport is growing faster or at greater scale than eSports. While many communities are focused on the gaming aspect, REMC desired to facilitate the discovery of this phenomenon through the full needs of a learner and athlete. In service to REMC and Michigan Districts, Advanced Learning Partnerships and Dell Technologies developed a resource guide and are scheduled to facilitate blended and virtual sessions for schools and districts regarding education on the value, purposes, and practical ways that esports can be leveraged to give students greater access to college and career readiness and global professional skills.

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2020 - 2021

Content Design and Curation

In the fall and winter of 2020-21, Michigan educators and site leaders worked tirelessly to engage children in remote learning modes. In order to maximize school-family dialog, ALP and Dell Technologies partnered with REMC to generate a Parent & Caregiver playbook, accessible at no cost to all Michigan schools. Designed for educators and parents alike, these practical, research-backed resources activated empathy and widened communication channels.

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2020 - 2022

Learner Profile and Progressions

Given its robust portfolio of facilitated virtual courses, REMC is favorably positioned to provide additional value to Michigan educators through brand-aligned micro-credentials. Simply defined, micro-credentials are digital badges that signify that an educator has attained a level of mastery around specific knowledge bases and skills. A team of ALP consultants is actively collaborating with REMC leadership to frame project parameters and lead the process for a State-wide implementation. Additional stakeholders may be identified and invited to participate in this project as a means of expanding the application of the micro-credential framework.

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2017 - 2018

Learning Design Facilitation

Career exploration at the secondary level is a critical component of college and career readiness. In partnership with educators and students in Northwest Community Schools, ALP developed a trimester course that incorporates elements of STEM and current and emerging technologies to further enhance 21st-century skills of research, information fluency, communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking. Two ALP coaches facilitated job-embedded (push-in) professional learning for lead teachers to support the refinement of the authentic learning experiences for other teachers to implement in future years.

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2016 - 2022

Strategic Planning

Senior consultants from ALP and Dell Technologies have and continue to lead as facilitators, subject matter experts and committee members in service to the Michigan Department of Education #GoOpen initiative. In collaboration with leadership representing over twenty-five State and regional organizations, ALP ad Dell Technologies actively support the curation, storage, communications and professional learning workstreams that scale robust open education resource (OER) materials for Michigan educators. Today, this work is evolving to serve strategic initiatives around competency-based education, personalized learning and K-12 literacy.

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2015 - 2022

Members of the ALP team have earned a reputation for purposeful and dynamic collaboration with school districts across the State of Michigan. Since 2015, ALP consultants and Dell Technologies Education Strategists have worked with superintendents, executive cabinet teams, directors and site administrator teams to scale a range of learning initiatives. Through a combination of personalized, blended and video-based professional learning efforts, this partnership has directly contributed to measurable enhancements in professional practice across diverse grade bands, content areas and community demographics. The collective ability of ALP and Dell Technologies to operate at strategic and tactical levels of support allows partner districts and schools to ‘walk the walk’ of learner-centered models within the realities of each busy academic year.

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2014 - 2022

Since April of 2014, a 16-member cadre of ALP and Dell Technologies consultants has designed and delivered over 650 virtual professional development courses to over 9000 educators in over 200 school districts. Ranging from nuanced literacy instruction and open education resources to competency-based education models as well as personalized and blended curriculum development, gamification, and best practices in deeper learning, these courses have earned superior reviews by attendees for the richness of resources and practical application to student learning.

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2013 - 2014


At the outset of this Professional Learning partnership, ALP and Dell Technologies partnered with the Michigan Department of Education and REMC to facilitate a wide range of customized, pedagogy-focused training sessions across the State. Initially focused on assisting educators as they unpacked the Next Generation Assessment targets aligned to Common Core State Standards, these regional and site-based institutes and seminars evolved to engage educators and administrators in best practices associated with technology integration, personalized, blended and inquiry-based learning as well as scale leadership development around navigating cultural change. In 2014, these daylong seminars were integrated into an extensive virtual and job-embedded coaching model.

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Advanced Learning Partnerships and Dell Technologies are proud REMC partners in the ongoing professional learning support for Michigan educators.

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